Comic 13 - Rock Hardick

4th Aug 2015, 11:04 PM
Rock Hardick
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Author Notes:

Andre Navarro 4th Aug 2015, 11:04 PM edit delete
Andre Navarro
Oh, here we go. Rock Hardick. The only one of his comics that I think actually works is this one, which is 110 panels long with a beginning, middle and end. In PITCH BLACK's regular three-panel-long comics, the character just plain doesn't work in any way that satisfies me, and his jokes constantly devolve into -- guess what -- sexism. It's meant to reflect badly on him, but it doesn't work on any level.

The idea was that he'd be a satire of hard-boiled gritty Frank-Miller-esque private detectives, with a history of murdered ex-wives and a generally depraved nature. In shortform, it's cheap shock humor stuff. In longform, I think there's potential (if I remove the dumb "murdered ex-wives" backstory).

So I decided I won't even try to salvage his shortform stuff. He's no longer one of PB's recurring characters. Only his special edition will remain, and all his smaller comics will be replaced, because they really, REALLY suck.

The completely unrelated replacement to this comic is this one.